At Abercrombie, we understand that some of our patients may find attending the dentist a nervous and scary task, even more so when treatment may be required. There are a number of ways to manage or even overcome these fears, such as bringing a friend or family member with you, learning relaxation and breathing techniques or even medication from your GP.

An option available to our private patients at Abercrombie is intravenous Sedation (Midazolam). This is managed and delivered by our Anesthetist during your treatment appointment and means you will be completely relaxed, almost in a sleep state, during the entirety of the appointment. It is likely you will not remember the treatment at all, and will recover over the following hours back to your normal state. This is a highly effective way of managing dental anxiety and is safe to provide within a general dental practice. Sedation can be provided during any private dental treatment including fillings, extractions and Dental Implant placements.

Prior to any treatment under Sedation, you will be required to have a consultation with our Anesthetist first of all to assess your medical and physical suitability for this type of Sedation. During this consultation, you will be asked some medical questions in relation to your health and any medications you may be on, your height and weight will be recorded (this is so the dosage can be calculated) and your blood pressure checked. It’s of utmost importance to provide the right
type of anxiety management for our patients and these options will always be available to discuss with our Dentists or support team.

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